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Sports Experience

Sports Experience


Matthias Szelersky is amongst those people who love facing challenges at work as well as in sports. Triathlon/Ironman, marathon, kite surfing and Yoga are amongst some of the outstanding sportive activities that stand for and prove his endurance and determination.

Get convinced and enjoy taking new paths with him in determined and efficient ways.

Sports Experience:

  • IRONMAN-LONG-DISTANCE Triathlon Competition:
    German Triathlon Championship
  • IRONMAN-LONG-DISTANCE Triathlon Competition:
    European Championship
  • IRONMAN-LONG-DISTANCE Triathlon Competition:
  • HALF-IRONMAN Triathlon Competition:
    Immenstadt, Allgäu
  • OLYMPIC-DISTANCE Triathlon Competition:
    Zürich, Xanten, Hückeswagen, Westphalia-Championship Dortmund
    Düsseldorf, Köln, New York City Marathon